InGienous Designs is a South African-based idea incubator and social enterprise. We bring innovative ideas from a broad variety of sectors to life in order to catalyze personal and social transformation. We are aware of the dire need for accelerated positive change in multiple and simultaneous areas of society. To help create a sustainable future, we think globally and act locally, focusing our resources to make the optimal impact.

We begin with a novel idea, grow it incrementally and finally work with a broad range of stakeholders to turn it into a sustainable, life nurturing and broad-based reality. For a detailed explanation of our multi-disciplinary approach, please visit Our Process page. We welcome your comments and feedback as we work together to co-create our common future.

The Need for Collaboration

More than ever, we need to act united and act quickly to make the changes that are necessary for a future for our grandchildren. We need to widely disseminate knowledge and wisdom of a new way of being. Education and action therefore go hand-in-hand and this website provides both.

This website collects, amalgamates and presents the inter-related and multi-dimensional nature of the challenge we face and also the possible accompanying solutions. We aspire to help educate and convey the urgency and scale of the required action. Obviously we try to apply the solutions we suggest but we publish this openly so that we may scale up solutions as quickly as possible.

InGienous Designs is based in Africa, but like Indra’s Net of Jewels, like a hologram, we reflect the same growing spirit of change embraced by people everywhere.  We are of the firm conviction that sustainable social transformation rests upon a solid foundation of your own personal transformation. We must become alchemist who transform wisdom into action and ignorance, confusion and suffering into our highest potential as human beings. We encourage you to explore this website, take whatever is of value for your own journey and transform yourself and your environment.

We are a sustainability-minded idea incubator working in a variety of inter-related, transformative areas ranging from green technologies, ekistics and renewable energy to human potential, education, economics and media

  • We believe that the human spirit can no longer be ignored and artificially separated from our work life.
  • We leverage economy of scales across all these fields
  • We work with a growing network of innovative, world class sustainability partners and stakeholders
  • We bring diverse expertise together to create world class solutions that turn our ideas into concrete, useful solutions with maximum environmental, cultural and socio-economic impact
  • We believe the Wholistic solution is greater than the sum of its parts
  • We strongly believe in the link between personal transformation of the individual and social transformation of the society
  • We are inclusive and culturally sensitive, knowing a solution can only work if there is widespread buyin from all stakeholders
  • We operate upon a holistic corporate philosophy that addresses this entire spectrum of human needs, both in our employees and our clients
  • We operate at the highest ethical standards and seek innovative ways to make corruption a thing of the past
  • We adopt the corporate philosophy of the new economy which aims for prosperity without the absolute need for growth
  • We adopt a measure of wealth that expands the GDP into the broader definition of well being which includes human health, happiness and the environment
For too long, business has been decoupled from humanity. Communism failed and now, with rampant inequity worldwide, Capitalism’s end goal seems questionable too. Wherein lies the solution that creates harmonious societies?…it lies in recognizing that humanity is the end goal, (the master) and business is simply a means towards that end, (the servant).

Business must serve humanity, not the other way around. InGienous Designs is founded on the vision that the planet cannot continue doing “business as usual” when “business as usual” is clearly leading to global social disintegration. There needs to be a new social paradigm that focuses on the holistic well being of every member of society instead of an untenable model of continuous and harmful growth driven by the self-interest of a select few. It also needs to be a model which transcends cultural and religious differences which so easily become points for divergence.

If we can learn from our mistakes, then from the ashes of broken societies, we have an opportunity to re-imagine new ones. Within this new model of a truly sustainable world, industrialization and consumption needs to be scaled back to a healthy level, meanwhile the wholeness and well being of the individual must come to occupy its rightful place, center-stage across all areas of life. Human well being must be the primary driver of all social, economic and technological policies.

Society is broken because the individuals that constitute that society are broken; the macrocosm simply reflects the microcosm. A sense of lack in the citizens will reflect in a sense of lack in the society and this will manifest in symptoms such as desire, fear, depression, apathy, aggression, and a continual need to acquire and dominate. All social hierarchies will fail as long as there are individuals who have not been educated and embed a deep sense of lack. These symptoms will manifest at the personal and the social, political and cultural level.

There are large feedback loops at play between the macro and micro level that tend towards keeping and maintaining the status quo. The alienation, negative conditioning and suffering that a materialistic society naturally imposes upon all its citizens ensures a future of conditioned children who will fall into the same pattern of personal suffering.

The aggregated ignorance and subsequent suffering of a societies citizens will become the cause for them to create and choose unhealthy policies that will perpetuate the confusion. Still, nature shows that somewhere within this the mud, a pure white lotus blossom can still grow. There needs to be an collective rethinking of each individual citizen’s life purpose and such groups can become the seeds for the new society. Until each individual deeply recognizes the sacredness and preciousness of their own life, and until society embraces and celebrates that sacredness, society will be guided by the misguided. The recognition of the sacred is the spark that will bring about personal transformation, that will ignite the imagination, wisdom and compassion needed to support the social transformation that will lead to the sustainable future we envision.

Positive change grows outwards from individuals to societies. It comes about first through personal transformation of a few individuals within an unjust society. Then collections of personally transformed indivduals create cells within the unjust society. Finally, many cells unite to become a movement.

InGienous is part of the growing movement that seeks to rediscover our common humanity and place it our need to survive. by elucidating the relationship between the individual and society. When each individual recognizes the unlimited potential within, only then can they unleash the Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Aung San Suu Kyi, Dalai Lama or Desmond Tutu within and this is what is necessary to create social transformation. We advocate a corporate paradigm shift that places the welfare of humanity first with money-making second and arising as a natural consequence of a successful social enterprise.

Part of the complexities of doing business in developing countries is finding a partner with integrity. InGienous Designs works at the highest level of integrity and has a Corporate Ethics Policy of Zero Tolerance for any form of corruption.

We perform due diligence and interrogate all future partners to ensure they are also acting at the highest level of ethical standards. It is part of our partnership agreements that transparency is expected and all financial transactions must be auditable and traceable.

We forewarn all potential partners ahead of time of our Zero Tolerance policy. If we discover any serious discrepancies, we have proactive policies in place to report to the proper authorities and are grounds for immediate termination. We believe that engaging in unethical practices that only serve self-enrichment is what continues to create huge barriers to authentic empowerment of the masses. We want to lead by example and show that a survivalist attitude is outdated.

We cannot work with partners who deep down believe only in self-enrichment because it goes against the grain of our corporate vision, which is one of compassion, equity, fairness, cooperation and integrity. We believe these qualities are the only pathway to a sustainable future. By discouraging bad practices, we want to grow an authentically compassionate business community.