Our Work

Our philosophy

InGienous Designs is dedicated to developing strategies for concretely migrating to a world of equality, prosperity and a balance ecology and economy. We work on strategic projects that start locally and can scale globally. We ground our approach on foundations of a new education that begins with a deep humanism that can bring about the required personal transformation. We are convinced that humanity has lost its connection with the sacred and that a humanistic reminder is rapidly needed to remind us our the sacredness found in the mundane world so that we may all be inspired to global action.

We advocate moving away from a world controlled by the few and decentralizing the current concentrated power and resources and relocalizing, putting the power and control of our destiny back in the hands of the people. We work with others who are on the same path because we know that it will take everyone working together if we are to stand a chance of making real progress.



Education is a core focus area. Most governments in Africa are aware of the critical role education plays in building Africa’s future. In South Africa, for example, the country faces many serious educational challenges. One of the highest priority is the NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training) demographic segment between ages 20 and 40 and made up of 3 million citizens. In most countries, a population segment of this size would constitute the next generation of professionals necessary to support the nation. In South Africa, that entire population of replacement workers is effectively missing. South Africa faces a very real threat of social collapse without a new generation of professionals who have the skills to manage the country.

Matric (Grade 12) pass rates are very low and this reflects a common knowledge in the South African school system that disadvantaged black children are denied proper education.


InGienous Designs focuses on the following areas within education:

  • Constructivist Learning Systems
  • 3D Virtual Learning Environments
  • Remote Education
  • Teaching tools
  • Mobile Education
  • Education management systems


We work with partners from around the world to lower our carbon footprint and tread softly on the environment, using low technology that can have minimal impact and cost and moving to high technology used in strategic applications. Key priorities include community involvement, use of local material and human resources,  job and economic development done within a new sustainable economic paradigm.

Areas of focus include:

  • CO2 emission sequestration technology
  • Waste elimination technology
  • Holistic agricultural production
  • Rain harvesting technology
  • Development of green local building materials and techniques
  • Water treatment technology
  • Water capture technologies for home and community use
  • Cradle-to-Cradle technology
  • Green Transportation

Africa has enormous potential for developing energy from renewable sources. We seek to develop partnerships and projects in the following areas:

  • solar photovoltaic technology
  • concentrated solar technology
  • wind energy, conventional and nonconventional low energy wind
  • novel combinations of solar & wind
  • Combined Heat and Power technology
  • Ocean Tidal energy
  • low cost / low power  renewable technologies for developing countries
  • energy harvesting
  • micro hydro technology
  • geothermal technology

InGienous Designs works in partnership with innovative media firms such as Push Pull Media to bring empowerment media to a whole new level. Media is a very important sector that affects the efficiency of all our other sectors. With media, we can educate about the growing sustainable industry in Africa.

Perhaps the greatest catalyst of change will emerge when there is a critical mass of people on the African continent who will realize their that human resources is far more important than natural resources. We design media products and technologies to spark this paradigm shift and transformation. We are developing a line of products to use inhouse on all our employees as well as through our educational arm to inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs and change agents in Africa.
Housing is a fundamental right but one which has been long denied to the average African citizen. We work with LEED acredited architects to  design and incorporate  housing technologies that will result in affordable, sustainable, holistic living systems that are scalabe, minimize resource usage such as water and energy and have a close to zero carbon footprint.