The incredible eco-community of Damanhur

MIT Open Courseware – MIT makes it’s world class education open to the world

Gaia Education is a recognized leader in eco-community design

MIT Technology Review – For the latest in cutting edge research, technology and science


Google Chrome World Population and other Data Visualizations

Highwire allows you to search for free scientific journal publications on the web

Desertec – The European Consortium with plans to harness Concentrated Solar Power in North Africa to provide a significant amount of power to North Africa and Europe

3D Site Links – The latest in interactive 3D sites

Earthscan – All about Prosperity without growth

The Guardian UK Newspaper’s data blog for data visualization resources

Material flow allows you to trace the movement of natural resources across the globe

Gapfinder Interactive Data Visualization allows you to animate a variety of datasets, a very powerful tool

Union of Concerned Scientists

Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research



The Brave Discussion

The Institute for Logic, Language and Computation

The Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative

Mental Models and Reasoning Lab

The Horizontal Research Foundation – Science at the Horizon of Life

Social Science Research Council

National STEM Centre

Nour Foundation

Singularity University