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World Clock

Google Earth – How a 4 Deg Rise in Temperature will affect the Planet

Click on the side of the map to start it. The different bands indicate different effects:

  • brown: forest fires
  • blue: water scarcity
  • green: crops
  • green: sea level rise
  • olive: tropical cyclone
  • burgundy: draught
  • purple: marine

Tracking the Supply Chain of CO2 Emissions

For the purposes of the Kyoto treaty, a nation’s carbon footprint is considered to be a sum of all the greenhouse gas released within its borders. However, that approach ignores all the laptops, leggings, lampshades and other goods that rich countries import from China and elsewhere.

A fair global climate deal depends on an expanded measure emissions to allocate some of the carbon pouring out of Chinese, Indian and Mexican factories and power plants to the countries importing good from those countries.

Steven J. Davis, Glen P. Peters and Ken Caldeira of the Carnegie Institution for Science points out that this argument tells only half of the story. If you want to understand how carbon footprints are affected by international trade flows, the paper argues, you need to consider trade not only in gadgets and garments but also in fossil fuels themselves. Country X might import a television that was made in country Y, but country Y in turn may have imported some of the coal, oil or gas consumed by the television factory from country Z.



Renewable Energy Policy Network REN 21 Interactive Renewable Energy Map

Use this resource to find out about renewable energy resources from around the globe.


Water Stress


Corruption Index

Food Security

Dynamic Time Display of World CO2 Emissions from 1820 to 2008 – Tons per person vs. GDP (inflation adjusted)

Dynamic Time Display of World CO2 Emissions from 1820 to 2008 – Geocoded emission levels

Interactive Global Public Debt Map

Resource Extraction from – Bloated distortion shows resource consumers (sinks) and Thin distortion shows resource extraction (sources)

Resource Extraction from – Another map showing other metal ore extraction

Resource Extraction from – Another map showing other mineral extraction