Greening Conventional Farming

Conventional agricultural practices contributes significantly to many problems the world faces today including carbon pollution, deforestation, nitrogen and large oceanic dead zones – eutrophication caused by agricultural nitrogen fertilizer runoffs. Agricultural reform is urgently required.


Farming First is described as a coalition of multi-stakeholder organisations, not an organisation. The coalition exists to articulate, endorse and promote practical, actionable programmes and activities to further sustainable agricultural development worldwide. There is no secretariat and it is not intended that one will be created. Farming First  is made up of 131 organisations representing the world’s farmers, scientists, engineers and industry as well as agricultural development organisations. Farming First highlights the importance of improving farmers’ livelihoods and agriculture’s potential contribution to global issues such as food security, climate change, and biodiversity. It also aims to build synergies amongst its supporters in promoting Farming First’s mission.

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