Regenerative Economy

Mathew Lynch is the founder of the Asia-Pacific Center for Regenerative Design, a center that promotes a new way of doing business called Regenerative Business.

Mathew spent his twenties first building, then losing a small fortune in real estate. This loss led to a profound questioning of his priorities in life. In hindsight, it was the most valuable lesson he could learn, guiding him to unfold the area of life that was most meaningful to him.  The next few years of Mathew’s journey saw him wandering the planet, an intrepid explorer whose new  life education brought him to meetings with  people, places, and projects where he could use his talents to make a positive difference. During his journey in Australia, Mathew stumbled across the  practice of permaculture, now a central focus area for all Mathew’s work.

Mathew’s e-book below lays out the concept of Regenerative Business.