The Debt Solution: Ban Private Banks from Printing Money and allow Governments to print their own Intrest-free Money

97% owned – The Money System enslaves all of us and is the ruination of human civilization


Why is the world in such a terrible economic crisis?…Who do countries owe money to? Ultimately, the owe money to banks.

The world has been hijacked by the greatest criminals of all time. These criminals walk amongst us in plain view. Indeed, their scheme was so perfectly hatched that their thievery is accepted as normal. Money reformist Bill Stills has made movies about them and author Ellen Brown, writes about them in her book Web of Debt . So who are these villains? ….They are the central banks of the world.

In his classic documentary, The Money Masters,  Stills meticulously reveals the extraordinary lengths some of the world’s biggest gangsters such as J.P. Morgan went to in order to create the deception. The Rothchilds, Rockerfellers and Morgan knew that if they gained the ability to print money for the government and charge interest for it, they would control the entire planet.

Scientist and money reformist Simon Thorpe shows just how much money we continue to give these greatest criminals of the planet:

  • 27 EU countries owe the banks 10.42 Trillion Euros
  • The interest payments in 2011 amounted to 370.8 billion Euros
  • Interest payments from 1995 to 2011 totalled 5. 6 Trillion Euros
  • US Govt owes $16.49 Trillion USD in Jan 2013
  • Interest payments were $454 Billion USD in 2011
  • Interest payments from 1988 to 211 totalled $8.8 Trillion USD

In other words, over half the government debt is purely due to interest payments to commercial banks.

Trillions are going to banks ….just so that they can print money! There has never been a greater deception in the history of humanity!

Many money reformists are saying that we must stop this madness and allow the government to once again take over printing the money supply and stop the global enslavement of citizens by the commercial banks. The solution is so simple and profound at the same time as to escape the realm of possibilities of the common man….ban banks from printing money for the government and charging for the right to print the money supply.

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