John G Root Jr and the Common Goods Bank

John G Root is a US grassroots activist with a particular interest in creating a monetary system that serves us all.

 I am researching how the world really works and so far my main conclusion is that the problem is the issuance of the currency. Whoever issues the currency is the real sovereign. The privately owned central banks issue the currency as debt and charge interest. Because they only create the prinicple of the debt and never the interest there is never enough money to pay the interest. All the interest must come from new debt. Hence the need for an expanding economy – at least financially. Also, interest automatically transfers the wealth from those who pay more interest than they receive to those who receive more interest than they pay.  Therefore the solution lies in recognizing that money is not something in itself but the measure we use to assess the relative value of goods and services to each other and the means of exchange (the means of payment) that we use to transfer values.  Congress must issue the currency directly, without debt and interest, for what we agree is good, The treasury needs to regulate the money supply to correspond with the actual economic activity and thus keep the value of the dollar constant. No inflation no deflation, no bubbles, no recessions, etc. – John G Root

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