Teal Farm Project – an example of Regenerative Design

Teal Farm Project

Teal Farm is a project of LivingFuture, a non-profit  foundation and project collaborative whose mission is to create conditions perpetually conducive to life, and to expand human creative capacity.

Teal Farm is a future-looking farm, ecological preserve, and residence seeking to prototype perpetual food, building, and energy systems that are responsive to climate change, fluctuating energy supplies, and a shifting global economy.

Encircled by Camels Hump State forest and privately-owned preserved lands, Teal Farm is a world unto itself. Its 500-acres, bordered to the North by Brushy Brook, includes a sustainably-managed northern hardwood  watershed with streams, pond, wetlands, an extensive trail network, waterfalls, and mountain pastures. The farm complex, surrounded by stunning mountain  views, includes an 8,000-square foot c. 1865 renovated new Farmhouse, a new 12,000-square foot insulated Energy Barn, an antique post and beam barn recently converted into a studio apartment, a property-manager’s residence, and a utility barn/garage. The Farmhouse and Energy Barn run on a state-of-the-art renewable heat and electrical system, and marry cutting-edge technology with exquisite design and craftsmanship–arguably setting a whole new standard for green design and construction.

As part of the Farm’s 100-year master plan, a young, 10-acre permaculture orchard of fruits, nuts, fuel-wood, berries, and fertilizing groundcovers grows in the sculpted micro-climates around the buildings. Teal Farm is a place of inspiration, a creative retreat, and a living laboratory, intended to support innovation around issues of global relevance.