The Transition Movement is a global movement of communities who are returning a proactive way of community life to:

  1. prepare for impacts of climate change and resource limitations
  2. significantly reduce ecological footprint to combat global warming

The Transition Network was founded by peramculturalist Rob Hopkins and is based upon principles of Genuine Wealth, decentralization and Open Source in order to accelerate widespread adoption. Transition Network works in conjunction with the Post Carbon Institute and many other organizations to prepare for the coming of Peak Oil. It promotes self-reliance and developing resiliency and includes the following elements and more:

  • energy
  • food production
  • health
  • local economic activity
  • water
  • waste treatment
  • culture & education

The Transition Movement is generally a trend away from dependency on centralized power structures and a return of power to the community level.  Centralized systems have inadverntently resulted in a major alienation between human beings and their environment – so much so they we have lost the feedback mechanisms that tell us that the environment we live in is healthy.  Transition Towns provide a concrete plan for communities to map out a gradual descent trajectory from our current high energy lifestyle  to a much smaller ecological footprint. Once Peak Oil begins to appear, Transition Towns will begin to fare far better than Business-as-usual communities who failed to prepare as shown in the diagram below:

Figure 2: Transition vs Non-Transition Town (Source: Post Carbon Institute interview with Rob Hopkins of Transitional Networks)
Explore an interactive map of the growing global transition community or plan your own.