Interactive Map of Transition Communities Around the World

Explore the Transition Towns around the world on the interactive map below. The Legend is on the left and shows the various types of Transition resources. If you would like to become a Transition Town, you are encouraged to sign up and post your location.

In this interactive map, the different colored dots represent different types of Transition communities that are sprouting up around the world.

  1. Hover over it to find out more information about the resource.
  2. Click on the dot to pull up detailed information about each transition community effort

Each color represents a different type of resource. For example, the Commons (purple dot) represent areas which are accessible by the public – parklands, conservation parks, etc. Transition Towns are encouraged to work with each other in a spirit of cooperation to transform our society from a grassroots level.

Figure 1: Map of Communities participating in a Global Transition to a New Economy (Source: New Economics Institute)

The Transition Movment is gathering speed.  Paul Piper of Wind-Works in Germany has recently written that “51 percent of all alternative energy in Germany is owned by citizens and farms”. This energy transition is an increasingly dramatic power shift from traditional markets and its big players into small-scale and community-owned projects.

Explore the growing number of transition communities using this interactive map and if you want to take the plunge with your community, go to the Planning a Transition Town page.