Sacred Art

We are the amalgamation of earth, water, fire and air
we ARE nature
yet, we try so hard not to be

We are blessed with a mind that allows us reflect the world in symbols
but cursed by the same mind with an awareness of our mortality

Trapped in animal bodies of bone and sinew
we try to escape the contradiction
of the uncomfortable juxtaposition of innate survival instinct on the one hand
and the constant reminder of our impending death on the other

Lost in a world of symbolic play
of invisible memes equally, if not more powerful
as the world that comes streaming through our senses
This powerful intellect constructs and inhabits its own imagined world
to escape and distance ourselves from brutish and hard survival of our animal kin

Towers of steel and concrete,
food, neatly packaged and displayed to us in attractive, pleasing, aesthetic forms
not a drop of blood or hint of dirt to be seen
nor the painful cries of life lost as life becomes industrialized, sanitized food
The silent screams fill the supermarket aisles

Can you hear their high pitched cries?
Disconnected from nature, disconnected from ourselves
going through the motions of life
but with heart seared in its own silent pain

Our life is a living mournful note
a cry that cannot be find any maternal consolence
no matter how much we shop, consume or lose ourselves in our virtual, electronic universe

Will these shiny rectilineal forms, perfect lines and curves,
this artificial world of semiconducted joy
be our final resting place?

Will our overconsumption finally consume us
and entomb us in our own vast progress trap?

We need Medicine for the People
so that we may undo the eons old spell of progress
dictated by a mind disconnected from nature, from itself