InGienous Designs works with creative producers from around the globe to produce innovative media projects in film, television, music and transmedia.

Africa has perhaps the oldest storytelling tradition in the world. It is a hotbed of culture: story, song and dance that is as old as humanity itself. Yet, only a small percentage of these stories have ever been told outside of the culture. There is a tremendous richness which could benefit the world and its citizens and the cultural industry has the potential to be a world leader, producing stories that can appeal to the world as well as other Africans.

Media is also an important vehicle for social development in a number of ways:

  1. Media can be used to educate and disseminate important information
  2. African youth can be trained in digital media as a modern medium for storytelling, allowing Africans access to a global audience for it’s stories to socially and economically empowering communities.

InGienous Designs takes a developmental approach to media production that leverages skills from around the world to create compelling stories, music and cultural products and at the same time upskilling the new generation of African media producers and talent.

InGienous develops work in:

  • Film – conceptualization, entertainment property development, script writing, pre-production, production, education, infrastructure development
  • Television
  • Music Production
  • Trans Media Production – media campaigns, multi-media production, mobile and QR Code media application