InGienous Designs work with cutting edge producers from around the world on the next generation of exciting African film projects.


Alison Richards is a Canadian film-maker, Transmedia & television producer, writer and media teacher with decades of North American and international media experience.

Alison has mentored many rising stars in media production and her passion is in media with a social impact. “I appreciate the opportunity to work with passionate minds and to make a difference in the lives of young students” says Richards.

Also known as “Noni”, she has recently done new media work in environmental issues,where she has a keen focus on educating the public in fun and exciting new ways. In 2011, Alison raised environmental awareness with her 30 Zero Zero initiative. Working with InGienous Designs providing research backup, Alison did daily live webcasts for 30 days, living as close to zero carbon footprint as possible. Alison is involved with cutting edge transmedia work as well, introducing Vancouver B.C. to QR Codes.

InGienous Designs has been working with producer Alison Richards for a number of years on a variety of media projects for Africa. The team see’s the exciting possibilities of upskilling the next generation of young African media producers and unleashing powerful African storytelling to an unsuspecting world audience. “There are voices in Africa with a million and one stories just waiting to be told, we only need to provide facilitation and a means” says Richards.

She has written a script for an exciting upcoming Feature length South African production which promises to set many firsts in the industry. In collaboration with InGienous Designs, the team is developing a number of other exciting media products ranging from complete entertainment properties to more feature length films with a unique New African edge, international impact and a high social development aspect.

Alison is founder of The Film Co-op, a collaborative film lab and also founder of Women In Film and Television, Dubai and North Africa chapter.