Feedback Loops

One of the main reasons why human civilization continually falls into Progress Traps is that nature is infinitely complex with  endless levels of interdependency. This interconnectedness is a defining quality of the natural world. Like the parable of Indra’s jewels found in Buddhist narrative, where every “object” reflects and contains the seed of every other “object”. our world is fractal in nature, and an object as an isolated entity is a pure abstraction. The geometry of nature is fractal; every temporary appearance is interconnected to every other in every direction.

Indra’s Net of Gems: the nature of reality

Alan Watts – Indra’s Net

Microsoft Research’s Drew Purves is trying to build a model for the entire planetary ecosystem called GEM

Mandelbrot fractal deep zoom 18 2^1012 HD”

Deepest Mandelbrot Set Zoom Animation ever – a New Record! 10^275

A fractal zoom from GRE – Cypher


In particular, it is the source of unpredictability of climate and ecological change caused by humans.