Human & Ecological Toll

The human and ecological toll of resource extraction  is hidden from view because transparency would reveal the ugly side of our shiny cars, cellphones and computers. The extractive industries are the beginning point of our modern industrial supply chain. In order to acquire these resources, capitalist society has had to export their economic model to developing countries of the world. Today’s capitalist-based trans-national companies continue the British example of creating opium in order to trade for tea and spices from China. The Chinese originally

Mining and Resource Extraction continues to take a major toll on the environment and on people’s lives. Conscious consuming cannot be conscious unless we know the true price of the goods and services that multi-national corporations and governments will go to to acquire the raw materials for their manufacturing processes.

When we witness first hand the visceral horrors and destruction caused by the resource extraction industry to satisfy our consumptive lifestyle, we may have second thoughts about our penchant to own the latest iPhone or Android.


Illegal Gold Mining

Gold is a symbol of prosperity, refinement and wealth. At the same time, gold has also brought out the worst in humanity – greed, anger, violence, deceit.

China has a long and proven history of deciminating its own environment and is now exporting its ecocidal practices to Africa in the form of illegal gold mining. Two investigative reports, one from the Guardian and one from Al Jazeera show just how irresponsible and ruthless illegal Chinese mining companies are. Driven by pure greed, workers destroy the environment without a second thought of what it will do for the local community and abdicate themselves from any personal responsibility for the damage. Economics overrides ecology and human rights in the gold rush in Africa.

The 3rd documentary is on the state of gold mining in Columbia, where trans-nationals, warring guerillas and local townspeople fight it out for the yellow dust.


Guardian report on illegal Chinese gold mining in Ghana

Al Jazeera report on illegal Chinese gold mining in Ghana

Report on the dog-eat-dog gold mining trade in Columbia