One obvious strategy to reducing our consumption is by saving energy and natural resources. Just how much do we waste?  The figures are truly astounding. The United States is the single largest consumer of power. Of the total estimated 13.5 Terrawatts of global annual power, the United States consumes 3. 2 Terrawatts. Yet, it wastes over half of this! Combined, the United States and the EU waste an incredible 78 Quads of energy…almost enough to power 2 United States or 4 EU’s!

Figure 1: Wasted Energy USA 2005

Figure 2: Wasted Energy EU (2006)

Figure 3: Interactive Water Calculator. Click here (Source: Good Is and Levis)

Figure 4: Water Waste (Source: Good Is)

Figure 5: Water Waste (Source: 2012 World Water Forum)

Figure 6: Food Waste in US and EU. Click on image above or here to see the full infographic

It is estimated that food waste from the US and Europe can feed the world 3 times over.


Fig 7. Food Waste. Browse more infographics.

Figure 8: E-Waste. Click here to explore more (Source: Good Is)

Figure 9: Space Waste. Click here to explore more (Source: ESOC)